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Helping you out, to move you in

The great service you receive throughout the sale process doesn’t end when you buy your home.

We’ll always be nearby whenever you need us.

We’ll also share as many hints and tips as we can to make sure you’re getting the best out of your new home!

Becoming part of the family

Congratulations on buying your new home, we hope will be very happy here.

Now that the sale is complete, our Customer Care team are available to support you for two years. If you have any questions or concerns as you settle into your new home, please approach the After-Sales team for advice and support.

We understand great communication is essential. If you have a question or need to make us aware of a new issue, please contact us via


We know that sometimes things can go wrong and you need peace of mind that we’ll be there to fix it. All our homes are built to the National House Building Councils exacting standards, that’s why from the day you complete you’ll receive an National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty cover that lasts for 10 years, so you know your home is taken care of.

For the first two years, Northstone will take care of your warranty. That means if part of your home stops doing its job in this time, we will pop in to see you and discuss rectifying any issues, following an inspection. We’ll always keep you updated and let you know when we have to carry out any remedial works in your new home, at a time to suit you.

From year three, the NHBC insures your property and will be your go to for any queries, and you can contact them at any point throughout the ten years of the warranty.


0-2 years

Northstone Warranty


0-10 years

NHBC Warranty


Things we do cover

  • Your plumbing, boiler and heating installation will be covered by your warranty for two years, providing that your boiler is serviced within the first year of legal completion.
  • Provided there are no alterations to our installed electric circuits, we will cover the electrical installation for two years.
  • Our rooms come with a view and some of them with bigger views that others! Any window defects that occur as a result of the initial installation must be recorded on your 10-Day Homeowner Feedback Form.
  • We will also ensure that doors to provide access are easy to open, close and lock.
  • All guttering should remain intact and run freely unless the cause is due to inclement weather or through lack of maintenance.
  • Your kitchen appliance warranties need to be registered and activated upon contacting the manufacturer by you as the homeowner.
  • Any concerns raised in relation to the structure of the building means we’ll arrange an inspection with the appropriate team member. These include, but are not limited to, brickwork, roof structures, boundary walls and driveways.

Out of Hours – Emergency


For any emergency defects that need to be reported during non-working hours, please contact our response team at:

National Property Assistance

T: 0345 009 9754


Things we don’t cover

  • Northstone are not liable to repair or replace any damaged items within the home following completion of your 10-Day Homeowner Feedback Form which we will
    carry out with you on legal completion.
  • Northstone are not responsible for repairing any naturally occurring shrinkage and settlement cracks within your new home unless they exceed 4mm in
    width. 4mm is just over the width of a £1 coin!
  • Northstone are not responsible for general wear and tear of your new home, nor responsible to provide replacement consumable items, e.g., bulbs and batteries.
  • Mastic sealant is not a permanent fixture as it can loosen and pull away over time. It will therefore require replacing as your home matures.
  • Northstone accept no ongoing liability for the condition or ongoing maintenance of any landscaping or garden finishes following legal completion. Your NHBC warranty covers a distance of 3m from the rear of your house and
    so lawn maintenance is the homeowners responsibility.
  • Northstone are not liable for any changes or alterations to any installed system or component in your home, excluding works undertaken by Northstone in the effort of any necessary remedial repair.
  • Blocked drains as a result of homeowners misuse are not covered.

Complaints Procedure

We put the same high standards of care into looking after our customers as we do into building our homes. However, we do appreciate that sometimes things can go wrong and so we take complaints very seriously. We are a Registered Developer with the New Homes Quality Board ( and comply with the New Homes Quality Code.

If you do have a complaint, we do ask you to let us know via so that we may have the opportunity to resolve the issue for you and learn from it.

If you remain dissatisfied after raising the issue with us, you may be able to refer your complaint to the New Homes Ombudsman here.

New Homes Quality Board (NHQB)

We have registered with the New Homes Quality Board (NHQB) and signed up to the New Homes Quality Code which is now applicable to reservations made with Northstone from the 2nd May 2023.

All homes built and completed going forwards will be covered by the Code, to ensure that every aspect of a new home purchased with Northstone is covered, from when you initially walk into our Huddles, through to two years after the occupation of the home.

Full details on NHQB can be found on their website here.

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